Austin UX

User experience, interaction design and other design-related activities

New to the Austin design community? Watch this video and read these slides from our June 2015 talk, and on Twitter for occasional retweets.

Here's a curated list of active, UX- and design-related organizations and meetups in Austin, as of July 2017:

There are lots more design- and art-related meetups in Austin! But, those are particularly relevant to UX.

If you're interested in local, online hangouts, you might also be interested in:

Then-UXPA president Cory Lebson wrote a nice article about Austin UX for UX Magazine, The Hidden Value of UX Connectors and the Future of Our Community.

The story of Austin UX, some history of the Austin design community, and a call to design better meetups, can be found in the essay Local Communities In Practice and By Design.

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